Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And then it died ...

So as my last posted stated we had a struggle getting our tree, here it is all set up and pretty by our window ... no thanks to Elbie who slept the whole time we set it up :) 
And then I noticed a LOT of needles ... I had watered it every day but because of how long it took for us to get the tree home and into water ... I think it is now repaying us by dying. I am so sad!!! But can't really keep it inside any longer because there are literally handfuls of needles piling up on my floor ... and if you so much as breath near the tree you are covered in a shower of green. I am so sad! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

We got our first Christmas tree as a family :) 

I grew up in Massachusetts where you go out, pick out and chop down your own Christmas tree ... Peter is used to getting the tree out of the attic so I introduced him to correct way of finding a Christmas tree :) We had so much fun! The day started with me, so excited that I was jumping on the bed .. literally haha. We have 1 car and its a small one so we drove to Peter's parents about 40 minutes from our apartment to borrow one of their cars. From their house we drove 1.5 hours to get our tree! (there aren't very many tree farms in DC :)  

Pretty sure Peters favorite part was the saw :) 

We found the perfect one! Isn't it so cute!!?

It's ours!

Me and my puppy! He had fun too, chasing rabbits and peeing on all the trees ... lucky for us he hasn't peed on the one in our house yet!

So after all of that we drove straight back to our apartment to leave our tree and dog and head back to Peter's parents to switch cars and then head to a friend birthday party ... so to review:
                          - 40 minutes from our apt to Peter's parents
 - 1.5 hours to the tree farm 
           - 1.5 hours back to our apartment
It was at this point that we realized that our keys had been left at Peter's parents when we left our car ... 
- 40 minutes back to Peter's parents
- 40 minutes back to our apartment
                     - 40 minutes back to his parents to switch our car 
                   - 40 minutes home again at the end of the night 

Some days are just more of a struggle with us Brandts ... but hey, our tree looks great and we have a story to tell the kids one day about the day we got our first Christmas Tree ... literally the day ... a simple trip to get our tree turned into over 6 hours in the car. Tired all of us out, including the pup :)