Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life is an Adventure...

Life is an adventure ... the craziness never ends. Peter and I are slowly learning to enjoy life even when it's beating you up. After a month where Elbie was attacked leaving not only his body but also our bank account deeply scared, (by about $3,500)

Then theres me leaving my full time job to work part time and go back to school, and oh we just moved into a new (significantly more expensive) apartment... all at the same time... We have learned to count our blessings and love each other through stress... I say goodbye September not sad in the least to see you go!

Since none of the above events are things we can change or avoid we have had to step back and re - evaluate our life style. It is so easy to live comfortably and to forget about all the random things that can come along, thank you September for screaming a loud wake up call in our faces!

So here comes the hard part ... we've wanted iphones forever and can finally afford it and Peter's phone just broke oh yea and we don't get service with Sprint in our apartment ... so it's time to switch but we have lots of bills between, life, school loans ... and honestly we've been pretty inspired not to be one of the "99%" of people mad at wall for their money issues ....

So heres to: Shopping for lame cell phones that do nothing but make phone calls, BUT save us almost $100 a month. Packing our lunches every day which isn't as yummy or convenient as buying out, BUT saves us almost $400 a month. Searching and using coupons for groceries, but also movie tickets, restaurants... pretty much everything!! Kinda annoying and takes more planning BUT saves us on average $200 to $300 a month.


- Sometimes life stinks.
- Sometimes choices and sacrifices that have to be made are not fun.
- It's not so bad having a husband who supports you, in going back to school, making less money, finding      ways to save money even if it isn't fun.  :)
- Being very intentional with how we spend and save and pay off debt is not fun but pays off, literally :)
- Lame phones, packed lunches, discounts and coupons equals about $800 a month in money otherwise

I'm not going to lie, in 2 years when our contract is up we are getting iphones! But until then we will be living as a poor, money saving young couple with me in school and the goal to be debt free .... when we make it there, we will have a party and invite you!!! ... Seriously though it will be a biiiig party :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back by popular demand ...

I'm back!

It's been a while and a crazy while at that! Since I've been gone:

1. I gave my 2 weeks notice at work
2. Elbie was attacked by a dog
3. I decided to go back to school and pursue my masters (with the full support of my wonderful husband)
4. Peter got a new job
5. We moved
6. We got T.V. ... sure not as big a deal as some of the other items on the list but I'm going for full disclosure here
7. Summer came ... and went

I could go on .. but I think that gives me a pretty good starting point as far as filling you in on our crazy, should write a book about, you may think I'm lying sometimes, life :)

Let me start with point 1 ... and 3 they probably should have been combined but instead I stuck a 2 in between them ... lets just say it symbolized our chaos life well right now. So yes, I am both leaving my job and going back to school. I will be taking pre- requisites for the next 2 semesters and then applying to grad school for Occupational Therapy. I am very excited and very nervous all at once. Oh and I have 2 weeks from today to find a part time job ... or we can't pay our bills. I had an interview and am waiting to hear back ... #learningtotrustGodinahugeway!  (too long for a hash tag?)

Points 2,4,5,6 and 7 will have to wait until tomorrow to be discussed due to the fact that I'm tired. Apparently my body forgot until just now that it is 25 years old and not 19 and in college ... meaning staying up past 11 equals a very tired Rachael in the morning ... seriously when did I grow up? Also Peter who is to my left is soundly sleeping ... but it would appear, with all the kicking and huffing and puffing on my right, that Elbie is not appreciating the light from my computer. We made a rule that he wasn't going to be allowed on the bed ... yet somehow his head is currently on my pillow ... huumm  #persistencepaysoffforthepooch