Wednesday, January 8, 2014

3 Years

We should have celebrated our 3 year anniversary in July but instead here we are in January :) I'm so thankful for our 2 engagements: the bumps, bruises and how much we learned together through it all. These past 3 years have been amazing, hard, exhausting and so life giving. I couldn't have dreamed up a better man for me to explore and learn with. 

In the past 3 years these two crazy kids got the craziest dog the world has ever known. Moved 4 times, one of those moves being from the East to West coast 7 months pregnant. We've searched for churches, made friends, started new jobs, left jobs, lost jobs, cried, dreamed, learned. Baseball games, drives through the night for NFL playoff games in Mass, dinners, and laughter. We were surprised by pregnancy, wondered how we would pay bills, learned to trust God ... learned to trust  God again (realized how blessed we are that he doesn't give up on us). Learned to work in 2 different states and were so thankful when we were a family living in the same state again. Now we are a family of 4, if you include the dog ... he thinks he's human so we will include him. 
Peter Brandt you have my whole heart, you love me better every day. You are the most patient, loving, caring man .. and you're hot :) I love you. Thanks for the best 3 years of my life. Can't wait for what the next year and year after that and year after that .... have in store for our crazy lives.  

Some of my students last year had a few thoughts on marriage :) 

The Crazy Animal :) 

D.C and Boston sports ... can't wait till we can take Piper to games! 

Packing ... story of our lives :) 

Year 3. Big move from DC to California! 

More packing and leaving the city we called home for almost 3 years. 

Cross country road trip, swollen feet and legs and finally arriving in Cali, all together again :) 

Tattoos and travels. Exploring the West coast in large fashion ;) 

And then waiting ... waiting and waiting for the most stubborn baby ever!

2 is now 4. A little less put together, a little less rested, but so happy and blessed!