Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo Shoot with the Ho Family

This past Saturday I had the privilege to meet the Ho family! I went to take photos of the newest edition to their family as well as their 1.5 year old and the family as a whole. Here is a preview, I am still waiting for my new computer and lightroom so these are pretty unedited (don't judge!).

Things I learned: It is very difficult to get good pictures of a 2 week old when they are awake. I have never done a baby photo shoot where the baby is under 6 months and so awake and alert! I learned I need to book more time for a baby shoot in case this happens. Eventually he fell asleep... after we moved on to the family photos of course :)
I also learned, although I already new this, my husband is amazing. This was the first shoot he came on with me. Peter helped lug props around, distract the kids and afterwards encourage me with: "Whoa I have a lot more respect for Photographers now!" He helped make my job so much easier! I may try to recruit him full time!! :)

 So here is the preview:
In one word I would describe this session with the word 

Joy in Discovery

Joy in Motherhood

Joy in family

Joy in Unity


Joy in being finished with the Photo shoot :) 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Change is a comin ...

This Saturday I have the privilege of doing a 2 week old baby photo shoot. Then his big brother who is 1.5 years old, and then the family and a family friend. It is kind of a lot for one morning! But it promises cute children and a great family! It will be a fun challenge for sure.

In other news I am really trying to get my Photography up and running, this weekend I will be investing in a new computer and Lightroom ...  I seriously haven't been able to sleep with the excitement, call me a nerd it's fine!! I have a decent amount of shoots lined up ... I am a happy girl :)

Also, Peter just got a new job (he will blog about that and I will let him ... I just have to say how proud I am of my husband *waving my pom poms*) We are also looking at apartments in the city! Who knows when that will happen, but change is a comin in the Brandt house, and is being whole heartedly embraced.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Recent Life Fails ...

Yep you read that right... this is a post dedicated to the most recent fails in my life ...

We've been married for 6th months (today actually)
 and we are still getting our wedding thank yous out ... embarressing FAIL!

I had bought a tea kettle at TJ Max ... when I went to use it, after already throwing
away the receipt, I realized, after having my kitchen fill with smoke, that it didn't
whistle. I finally bought a new cute one from Kichen Aid ... it is so cute and green and
and matches my pot holders ... AND DOESN'T WHISTLE. Clearly we are cursed
to have non-whistling kettles forever.

One day I was on my way to work ... I took this train and when I got
off and was about 5 steps from my building (warning, here is where the
story turns sad!) My shoes were eaten by a grate in the road!
Seriously though ... have you ever seen the movie wedding planner?
I was like JLO ...

Took Peter to his first antique store ... enough said

Elbie ... broke my favorite lamp. Somedays Elbie decides the floor isn't
good enough for him and he should take advantage on us being gone so
he can crawl on our kitchen table ... well here are the results of that :(

Who knew keeping a 16 pound puppy in a crate would be so difficult.
This crate started out locked, with Elbie inside, then turned so the door was
against the cabinets... he managed to push it way from the cabinets, open the lock
and let himself out... Win for him ... Fail for his people.

One day I got a call from Peter that went something like this ...
P - "um hi .. you don't have hidden keys anywhere right" R- "um no
why?" P - "I'm locked out of the front door to our apartment... I think I may
have dropped them in our hallway ..."  So when I got home I found
the above picture, Peter's Keys in our apartment door...

Let's keep this one short and sweet ... Elbie now rides in a cage in
the backseat.

Yet ... he has a problem, he won't admitt it but we are working on it.