Friday, May 27, 2011

Attempts at craftiness ...

So this weekend Peter took me for a little get away for my birthday!! It was amazing, we spent a night in D.C. went to my favorite Italian restaurant, and then the next night met up with friends... I also got tickets to 2 RED SOX GAMES, when they play in Baltimore and these TOMS oooo aaaaaaww. One of the best part was that the pup was not with us! Don't get me wrong ... I love the guy but sometimes it's like having a child... So the Elbie went to DOGTOPIA! It's a kennel ... but instead of shutting them up all day they get to play with other dogs ... when we picked the Elbs up ... he was less than excited to see us haha he loved DOGTOPIA and was pretty ready to trade this people in and stay there. We realized really quickly when we got him home that DOGTOPIA was not only Elbie's favorite but ours as well ... the little guy plopped down and was out like a light for the rest of the day *insert HUGE smile here* So with the wild child down for the count I decided it was finally time to scratch the art itch.

So my brain has been swimming full of ideas but one that stuck was wall art for babies nurseries. So I went to the art store ... grabbed a bunch of materials and headed home ... luckily my hubs is a great artist and could help make my blobs into the animals I was attempting to draw, with minimal laughter, I would insert my attempts here but really ... they are beyond embarrassing so I'll spare myself :)


So I cut and pasted and ironed ... and after night one this is what I have! I Peter still has their features to make and I have one more piece to make, so they can hang over a crib or changing table three in a row ... so yeah, there ya have it. Martha Stewart done Rachael Style hehe.

And the only thing I ruined was our iron ... yeah. In the middle of pasting and ironing I slowing turned to Peter ... um hey .. so you didn't need to iron anything for work tomorrow right? He laughed pretty hard as I sheepishly showed him the chard bottom of our once clean iron ... So I have some things to learn :) I'll post the final pictures when these little creatures have features!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pup's Perspective "My People took me to the Beach!!"

My People took me to the beach!!!

I've never seen sand before ... but I realized pretty darn quickly it was super fun to dig in!! My people took me in the water ... dude the ocean is cold!!! So to get back at them I moved as much sand from the beach onto their blankets as possible ... I even tried to bury Rachael. We'll see if they try that funny ocean business ever again!

After some swimming and trying to chase sea gulls, digging to my hearts content ... I just lounged and caught some rays ... life is good for me ... although word to the wise... don't stick your nose in the sand and inhale, you would think someone would have thrown me a bone and given me a heads up here ... although hey ... I'm not saying I would have listened to the advice ... I like to do what I want but that's neither here nor there ... I learned the hard way.
Overall I'd give the beach a 9 out of 10 I loved the sand, sun and watching (crazy) people in the ocean... But I'm gunna have to take a point away because I would have enjoyed more freedom to run ... I SO would have caught one of the annoying sea gulls!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pup's Perspective...

Peter was trying to build a shelf .. so I thought I'd try to help

I was really trying!

And then Peter told me I wasn't doing a very good job ...

I kept trying anyways

and trying...

and trying ...

and trying ...

And finally Peter yelled at me :(

How can you not want my help?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Day in the Life of Elbie

Blogging about my dog? Well yes I am :) I'm not going to lie sometimes this little guys pushes our buttons like non other. There are times that I swear he does things just to see our reactions, ie the other night... I woke up in the morning to find our laundry, which had been put into the washing machine the night before, was all over our living room ... as I huffed and puffed under my breath I turned around to see Elbie sitting watching me with his head cocked to the side. Why in the middle of the night he had felt the need to get up on our washer and pull out all the clothes is beyond me! If only this dog could talk ...

One of his many favorite things, only falling behind staring at himself in the mirror and and army crawling under the bed, is laying and watching the train go by.

He is lucky he's cute ... and often makes up for his crazy behavior by sleeping on your lap like in the picture above.

Remember that time Peter didn't want Elbie allowed on the bed ... oh well this was what I witnessed this morning. I have to get up earlier than Peter in the morning, when I came back into the bedroom today Elbie had taken my spot in bed, head on my pillow, cuddled up next to Peter, happy as a clam!

Not going to lie, I'm loving my life, my messy apartment and the 2 dudes that keep it interesting, fun, and messy along side me :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Married Musings

- When you start having convos like this "did the dog eat?" "I don't know I thought you fed him." "I didn't feed him ... " "humm... he's probably hungry" You know you have a new puppy and your life and you haven't quite figured out the schedule yet...

- You know your getting old when you do things that remind you of your parents such as: "hey hubs, I bought a cute necklace ... you can give it to me for my birthday." When did birthdays stop being surprising? Apparently when you get married.

- I have an issue with the fact that my puppy gets more money spent on him than my husband and I combined ... shots, broken teeth, swallowed bones, heart worm meds, flea and tick meds ... and he has allergies?!?! I have been told often as of late that I am now prepared for a child.

- You know that you are no longer considered newly weds when: you go to bed with very very unshaven legs and you ask for a foot massage when your feet stink to high heavens, and your not even ashamed :)

- Nothing is better than seeing the sacrifice in a relationship ... whether is be putting up with a puppy (when your not a dog person) or running a race (even though you despise running). Cleaning when you're tired, taking your down time to fix things in the house ...

- When morning hair doesn't scare him ... you know you've got him hooked!

- It's pretty great when your parents come to visit and they are impressed at your apartment, it's also pretty great when you can treat them instead of asking for money :)

- When your all of 12 pound puppy is being bad and your husband comes running from the other room to help you know he's going to make a great dad haha

- On the flip side when your puppy swallows a whole chicken bone and you and your husband sit and laugh till you cry while the DR makes him throw it up ... you start to wonder if you will be a good parent yourself...

- When you start having more friends married than not ... and half of them have children, you wonder "where did life go?!" and also many times ... "Am I old enough for this?"

- If you've even had a fight about: 1) how to paint a wall 2) the way to hang a picture 3) how to pack a car 4) where to park the car 5) how to properly wash the dishes ... or any other ridiculous fight along those lines you may realize that 2 firstborns have married each other.

- umm ... what a life so far. At times fun, frustrating, exciting, ridiculous, irritating, tiring, joyful but no matter what always full of love. I wouldn't trade it for the world.